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Planning for 1 July 2008

If your organisation sends out more than 300 mail items at a time - perhaps billing, advertising or just keeping your customers informed - you should already be getting substantial discounts from New Zealand Post.

You already have to include postcodes in your addresses data to qualify for these discounts. But from 1 July 2008, New Zealand Post's address standards will be applied across all aspects of your address data. This is a significant change, and one your organisation should be planning for well ahead of 1 July 2008.

Here are a few recommendations from the PureData team:

  • Find out where you stand today. Most organisations will be surprised how low their current address accuracy is. Sign up for PureData and get a Statement of Accuracy today. It's an easy step and we'll give you a free quote to correct, so you'll immediately know the scale of the issue and the cost to fix it.
  • Don't attempt to fix your address data manually. While some organisations have added the new postcodes manually, matching entire addresses to the official PAF format is not a trivial matter. The rules are complex and there is only one right answer.
  • Use PureData to autocorrect your addresses. There is a small charge per correction, which we estimate you will recoup the first time you do a discounted mailout after 1 July.
  • Use your corrected address data to improve your ongoing data quality. Having consistent postal address data will make it easier for data entry operators to capture the right information in the right way going forward. We can also provide address autocomplete services to capture valid addressed every time.
  • Plan for churn. Find out how many address changes and new addresses get added to your datasets each month. Even though a Statement of Accuracy is valid for a whole year, depending on the rate of churn, you may want to run address cleansing more frequently. Again, autocompletion on data entry may be an option for you. And don't forget, the official PAF address data gets updated once a quarter, so even if you data hasn't changed, New Zealand Post may have amended some postal addresses already in your datasets.
  • Don't leave it up to the last minute. Although there are a number of SendRight certified partners offering Statements of Accuracy and address correction services, the closer to 1 July 2008, the busier we will all be. Avoid the rush, and start now.
  • Talk to us. Every organisation's has unique needs. We have considerable experience with large-scale address accuracy management and can provide sound advice on cost-effective ways to meet your needs.

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