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How do I start?

You need to register before using the PureData service. It only takes a minute. Once registered you will be able to try out PureData. It's free and there's no obligation to use the complete service.

If you know you have specific needs, call us instead. Every mail out is different. You'll be surprised what we can do to add business value to your mailing data.

What's included in the online service?

PureData checks your address data against NZ Post's current PAF (Postal Address File) and provides you with

  • an SOA (Statement of Accuracy), which you provide to NZ Post for bulk mail discounts, and
  • optionally a file containing corrected data which you can import into your business systems.

We process your data as soon as we can, and notify you by email when the SOA and corrections file are ready.

What does it cost?

Catalyst's PureData is designed to be self-service. If you can provide your mailing data in a CSV format, you can take advantage of our discounted prices. We calculate these costs based on the number of addresses we check and the number of corrections we make. You will get a chance to approve the total cost before a job is run. You can even put PureData on hold while you are getting approval, without having to resubmit the job.

What other services are available through PureData?

PureData's online service isn't the only service we offer. Find out more.